plant based / vegan / vegetarian

NUTRITION coaching services

Offering 1-on-1 In-Person and Online Consultation Packages For:

  • Weight Loss

  • Performance / Muscle Gain

  • Overall Health

  • Recovery

  • Guidance Transitioning to Plant Based / Vegan Diet

Helping Clients Excel, Maintain and Reach their Optimal weight and performance on a sustainable plant-based diet



5 years ago Jack began adopting a plant-based diet, leading him to where he is today within his practice and veganism.

as a crossfit Athlete Training 5-6 times a week around work life, nutrition (as it is for everyone) is paramount.

Admittedly, figuring out the optimal diet for your goals isn’t easy. even more so when you’re looking at A plant-based and vegan diet.

not because the goals are difficult/complicated to achieve, but due to the lack of information and experience people have on the matter.

as a precision nutrition level 1 qualified coach, jack founded Ground nutrition to offer the guidance, help and accountability needed for Clients to excel, maintain and reach their optimal weight and Performance goals on a plant-based / vegan / vegetarian diet.

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